Winter 2018-19 Tours and Adventures Pricing

The following are some of our standard options for dog mushing tours and adventures.  At Friendly Arctic Adventures we thrive by building the custom tour or trip to meet your needs.  Please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.  Our guides and dogs can make your dreams come true.  Prices listed are per person.

Take it easy. Relax and ride.

Take it easy. Relax and ride.

Sled Rides:

Standing on the back of the runners, controlling your own team just isn't for everyone.  We recognize that.  Because not everyone wants that ultimate responsibility, we offer sled rides where you don't have to worry about a thing.  You can sit in comfort inside our big freight sled and see the trail without the worries.  The dogs will do the hard work, while you take pictures and sip on a warm beverage. 

Picture shows one person in my smaller sled.  For groups of 2-4, an 8 ft freight sled is used.

1 hour dog yard tour with ride - $100

Mush your own small team of sled dogs! Everyone can do it.

Mush your own small team of sled dogs! Everyone can do it.

Mush your own team:

The ultimate dog mushing experience is to mush your own team.  At Friendly Arctic Adventures we can give you that opportunity.  We've combined well trained strong race dogs with custom built small dog sleds from Dog Paddle Designs to give you the ultimate experience.  Since these sleds are lighter and smaller, they don't need more than two or three dogs to pull you down the trail.  Most mushing tour operators doesn't let you run your own team as they don't have the same style equipment that we do.  That sets us apart and gives us the ability to safely let you drive your own team of dogs. 

  • 1.5 hour short run with dog mushing school - Starting at $150

  • 3 hour fun run with a warming stop at iconic Ivory Jacks for lunch - Starting at $250. This is our most popular day tour for the real Alaska experience.

  • 2 hour aurora and campfire run - Starting at $250

Arctic Oven tents keep you warm on overnight adventures

Arctic Oven tents keep you warm on overnight adventures

Overnight Adventures

If your sense of adventure isn't fulfilled with short tours, then maybe an overnight adventure is for you.  Get the chance to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from a secluded cabin or tent camp spot.  Keep warm with a wood stove and fluffy down sleeping bag.  Enjoy the extra time with the dogs and get to see their pure enjoyment of running loose around camp.  A great time can be had as an individual or as a group.

  • Stay in furnished cabin on Friendly Arctic Adventures property. This 16x20 log cabin with loft is fully furnished and set up for a couple. Larger groups can request additional bedding be placed in the cabin. This package overnight stay includes a day mushing tour on the trails for each night stayed and a night tour (if desired) to see the northern lights. Two person minimum, prices start at $550 per person per night.

  • Stay in remote cabin in the White Mountains National Recreation area. These cabins are rustic in nature but a very welcomed sight after a day on the trails. The Bureau of Land Management operates this land and has restrictions on the use of these cabins to commercial operators like myself. If you would like this option, we will not be able to stay out there on weekends (Friday & Saturday nights), or holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break). Two person minimum, prices starting at $ 995 per person per day.

  • Stay in heated Arctic Oven tent out on the trails in the Goldstream Valley. For many people a day tour is just not enough. Camping on the trail as we mushers do when we are out on our own is an experience to behold. We will spend the day out mushing on the trails and arrive to our tent just as the sun is setting. If you want to know how we live and travel, this is the overnight tour for you. Two person minimum is preferred, prices starting at:

  • From $1,900 for single person, or $2,700 for a couple - single overnight.

  • From $2,900 single person, or $3,700 for a couple - double overnight

  • Larger groups or tours booked over Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years holidays can be accommodated with a custom quote. Please call or email to inquire